Punjab – Traditional Punjabi Marriage

Perhaps, Punjab is the most colorful state on India. The Punjabi culture is very rich where people have still preserved their tradition in its original form. People of Punjab are famous for their large-heartedness and cheerfulness. They believe to live in every moment of the life. Normally, they are known as the community who loves splendor and grandeur. The punjabi matrimony ceremony is one of the gaiety carnivals and event of jubilation.  They enjoy marriage ceremony whole-heartedly along with their popular marriage songs, dholaki, Goriyan and Suhag. They observe and celebrate several rituals and perform music and dance program on every evening till the wedding day. Traditional Bhangaras and Giddas are very famous dance performances of Punjab on this occasion. Usually, Punjabis follow Hindu marriages rites like phera around the holy fire, kanyadaan and other joyful customs like ladies sangeet, and Juta Chepai.

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